Knee Replacement Surgery In India

Knee Replacement Surgery or Arthroplasty is needed when the knee joint damaged to the extent that it affects your mobility and gives you extreme unease and pain. 

Some reasons why people need knee replacement surgery:

Avascular Necrosis – Avascular necrosis happens when the blood flow to the bone is reduced or stops. When it happens in the knee joint, the tissue dies causing damage of the joint.

Bone Dysplasia – It is a genetic disease where abnormal cartilage and bone growth happens. People suffering from Bone dysplasia have short height and bad bone structure. People in knees are quite common with people suffering from bone dysplasia.

Gout – A Gout is a form of arthritis. People with high uric acid tend to get urate crystal to accumulate on their joints, it causes pain, swelling and redness at the joints. It also results in a limited range of motion. 

Haemophilia – People suffering from Haemophilia do not have the ability to blood clot, it usually hereditary. Haemophilia may cause internal bleeding and the blood may be accumulated at the joints during an injury. It leads to pain and deformity in the knee joints.

Knee Injury – People with osteoporosis are more likely to get their knees injured, however, physical trauma may cause knee injury in normal people as well. In such cases, knee replacement surgery is very much needed.

Osteoarthritis – When the cartilage(tissue joining two bone) wears down, it can cause pain and hinder knee movement. 

Rheumatoid Arthritis – When a person’s own immune system starts attacking their body, specifically joints, it can cause severe pain and lack of mobility. The severity of damage in the knee may need knee replacement surgery.

Knee Deformity – Inward or outward bowed knees can be a cause of concern. There are several knee deformity that a person is born with or can acquire over time. The deformity can hinder their day to day practices and is solved by knee replacement surgery.

How is knee replacement surgery is performed?

Knee surgery is performed under complete anaesthesia. The affected cartilage or bone is replaced with metal implants between the thigh and calf bones. A plastic separator facilitates the movement inside on the knee once the surgery is completed. The surgery in itself takes about one or two hours but the recovery might four to six months. With physical therapy, the recovery period can be lessened. 

Best Hospitals for Knee replacement surgery:

India has Asia’s best medical facility and almost all major hospital prove knee replacement surgery. 

Below is a list of five hospitals that you may consider:

  1. Safdarjung Hospital, New Delhi – Is one of the biggest and oldest hospitals in India. It is a government hospital, the updates in recent years in the hospital are phenomenal. The doctors are highly trained. The Orthopedic team which handles the knee replacement surgery are experienced and well equipment everything necessary.
  2. Christian Medical College Vellore, Tamil Nadu – Was established in 1990 is considered one of the first hospitals in India with World-class technology and medical equipment. Every year millions of people travel to the hospital for treatment and it has India’s most skilled set of Doctors practising under the roof.
  3. Nehru Hospital, Chandigarh – Is a multispeciality hospital run by the government. Nehru Hospital has one of the best Orthopedic department in India. 
  4. Artemis Hospital, New Delhi – Is a NABH accredited private hospital best known for its orthopaedic department. 
  5. Wockhardt Hospital, Mumbai – is again a private hospital established in 2014. The hospital provides great medical services under affordable prices including Knee replacement surgery.

Price of Knee replacement surgery in India:

Total Knee replacement surgery In India will cost around $4,000 which is far less than the US, UK or any other Asian Country. 

A bilateral Knee replacement surgery will cost $7,500 in India whereas cost $35,000 in the US and $9,000 in Thailand. 

Revision knee replacement surgery will cost $6,000 in India, $20,000 in the US, $16,000 in UK and $7,500.

Minimally Invasive Knee replacement surgery is $22,000 in the US were only $5,500 in India.

When it comes to price China and Thailand two of the countries which may provide the medical facility at the same price, however, their infrastructure or the doctor’s experience is nowhere near as good as India’s. 

Why choose India for Knee replacement surgery?

A developed country such as The US, UK, Australia or Canada has a medical facility which may seem like an obvious choice for many patients when it comes to medical services.

However, it is interesting to Indian Doctor’s have far more experience in working for patients than developed nation due to the high density of patients that comes to the hospital every day. The success rate is the same as any other country what is alluring is the prices at which the surgeries are being done.

Contrary to the popular thinking the doctors from India are not paid less, the difference is medical administrative services. The hospitals won’t bill the patient as low as possible as the money from the patient and not from the insurance unlike in Western countries. 


Knee Replacement Surgery In India

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